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Roger George Clark is a professional broadcaster, writer and photographer. He lives in London (UK), where he was born. After starting his career in publishing Roger joined the editorial staff of The Observer newspaper.

Later, he moved to the BBC. There he's worked as a producer and broadcaster in news and current affairs, as well as features. Roger has broadcast extensively on local radio, Radio 4 and the BBC World Service.

Running parallel with his publishing and broadcasting careers is a life-long interest in photography. Since his teens Roger George Clark has taken tens of thousands of photos at home and abroad.

His pictures have been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery and are housed in the museum's permanent collection. Roger has had a one-man show at London's National Theatre.

And his photos have appeared in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. In addition the British Library - the national library of the United Kingdom - is acquiring Roger's entire photographic collection and related material.

Besides numerous magazine articles Roger George Clark has published five books - three illustrated with his own photos. In 2004 he published his first novel, The Magic Statue, a black comedy thriller aimed at younger readers.

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This website is arranged as follows:-

Pages 2-5 - These deal with RGC's career as a broadcaster and producer in the BBC.

Pages 6-21 - These pages look at Roger's parallel life in photography that's often intertwined with his broadcasting. Although each page carries illustrations you can find albums of photos on the following pages:-

Page 8 - RGC's EARLY PHOTOS - Pictures taken before Roger became a broadcaster. They show his early attempts to capture life in the Isle of Wight, Paris, Malta, Athens, Crete, Venice, and royal events in London.

Page 15 - HALL OF FAME - Portraits and journalistic shots of the famous including Queen Elizabeth II and the royals, plus Lord Mountbatten, four prime ministers and prominent politicians. Also famous artists, entertainers, broadcasters, photographers, etc.

Page 19 - I980s & '90s ALBUM - 35mm pictures taken in New York, Moscow and Leningrad/St Petersburg, Henley Royal Regatta and London's fashionable Chelsea.

Pages 22-23 - THE BBC BOAT RACE BROADCASTS - The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race was one of the BBC's iconic broadcasts. In the 1970s and early '80s Roger photographed what went on behind the scenes of this famous event. Includes pictures of John Snagge, Brian Johnston, David Coleman, Harry Carpenter, Judith Chalmers, Frank Bough, Jim Rosenthal, plus the production teams.

You can access these albums by clicking the index entries on the left.


Roger George Clark's latest book PERFECT ENGLAND - The Isle of Wight in the 1960s. During the 1960s Roger spent his holidays photographing the Isle of Wight. For forty years the pictures lay forgotten but are now published for the first time. Published October 2008. Details page 20.

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